Car rentals

If you don't have cars, you can still come and ride on our outings, how?

Pole passion offers you the possibility of renting a vehicle adapted to your needs for the day.

Interested in a



Drive a real racing car accessible to all:

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

from the most novice to the most confirmed, this day is tailor-made, totally adapted to your needs and your objectives.

Guaranteed sensations aboard the 2-liter Midjet

▫️ 230 hp / 750 kg

▫️ Tork Engineering tubular frame
▫️ SADEV sequential gearbox
▫️ Steering wheel paddles
▫️ Embedded video
▫️ Data acquisition

▫️ Pilot radio link - co-pilot
▫️ Coaching


Rental conditions:


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Coaching Midjet 2 liters with Jérémy Sarhy

The rental includes:

  • The car with refueling in the morning and wear of all mechanical consumables: pads, tires, oil, etc.

  • Insurance and an instructor on board all the time.

  • Transport on the tour is included

  • Assistance on the day of driving (300 Kilometers Package).

  • In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


  • Prices are for 1 driver (2 drivers = 200 euros extra, maximum 3 drivers per car).

  • A condition of the car will be carried out before and after driving to assess any damage.

  • In the event of an accident, a deductible will be requested.

  • Deposit check requested on the day of rental.

  • Up to the amount of the deductible, an estimate will be made before repair so that the pilot only pays the real price of repair.

The rental does not include:

  • Commitment to the driving day

  • The pilot's helmet

Interested in a rental?

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Rental conditions information

More informations

Rental conditions: more info above

- 300 hp

- 0 to 100: 5.6s

- Semi slick, lightweight, bucket + harness tires ...

Price (For Magny-Cours and Dijon) without commitment:

- 150 km: 1200 € HT

- 300 km: 2000 € HT

- Deposit of € 4000 (excess of € 2000)

Price (For Barcelona) without commitment:

- 300 km: 2500 € HT

Interested in a rental?

from 1200ht (recoverable vat)

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