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For 6 seasons Pole Passion has been a partner of the Renault Clio cup, the most extensive promotion formula with more than 30 drivers in each race and therefore certainly the most competitive in France.

We regularly organize practice sessions for the cup drivers.

This year again, the championship will be of exceptional quality.

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Partner Clio cup france

First round of the Sprint Cup in Nogaro (21-23 August):

Driver: Gwenael delomier

Race 1: P1

Race 2: P1

Race 3: P4 (Best lap in race)

Race 4: P2 (Best lap in race)

Championship ranking: P2

Team: Mercure Blue Racing

Next race: Magny Cours on September 11-13.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Funyo sprint cup 2020: results

Last season, we had the honor of organizing an official test session for the Formula Renault Eurocup championship, the breeding ground for future F1 drivers, on the SPA-Francorchamps circuit.
A very good experience with a very high level and already very professional pilots.

A first to renew.

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Formula Renault Eurocup trains at pole passion

Since the start of the adventure, Pole Passion has supported the French car manufacturer Pariss in its development of a 100% electric sports car, a daring project on the verge of culmination with a GT with sublime lines and impressive performance.
To be continued ...

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Pole Passion, development partner of the 100% electric GT:
_DSC2614 - copie_edited_edited.jpg

For 6 seasons, private days are becoming one of the major activities of Pole Passion with 18 days carried out in 2017.

We organize private test sessions by invitation with a very limited number of cars.

As well as private days for owners concerned about confidentiality and seeking quality supervision.

Certain clubs or works councils also entrust us with the management of their annual outings.

We also offer the provision of a vehicle platform and supervision by different speaking instructors (German, English, Italian ..), we take care of all the administrative formalities, insurance ... so that you do not 'have nothing else to do but enjoy the day.

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Privilege days and private practice sessions

For this 2018 season Pole Passion will support Ferrari le Mans and courage classic in the prestigious Ferrari challenge where the team will try to shine and win the championship after finishing 2nd last year.
Pole Passion will endeavor to offer them driving dates that fit with their schedule.

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Pole Passion supports Ferrari Le Mans and courage competition

For several years, Pole Passion has supported many pilots within the framework of the TTE trophy and they regularly come to train during the Pole Passion days.

A national level championship allowing many drivers to compete in very tough races because they are contested with a very large field.

This allows us to guide trackday drivers wishing to start competing with their racing car.

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Partner of the TTE Championship
Pole Passion has supported the constructor Funyo in the development of its new SP05 proto.
The latter had access to all our days for his testing needs.
A high-performance car for a championship considered to be the most affordable and which has allowed many drivers to express themselves in competition.
In addition, the field is always very supplied during the race.
The ideal formula for running without breaking the bank.

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Pole Passion development partner of the Funyo SP05 proto

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A lot of emotions for the enthusiasts that we are when seeing the Pole Passion logo affixed to one of the historic prototypes of this constructor who made us dream in the waves and elsewhere on the tracks around the world.

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Courage competition sports the Pole Passion colors

Many Boss Gp challenge drivers (this extraordinary championship between old Formula 1s as well as big single-seater types GP2, F3000, indycar), regularly come to ride in our single-seater testdays as well as during private practice sessions.  

In 2016, Christopher Brenier won the championship wearing the Pole Passion colors.

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Partner of the Boss GP challenge

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