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Pole Passion supports many drivers in different championships: Clio cup, Boss Gp, Ultimate cup series, TTE, Porsche cup, midjet supertourism, GT4 FFSA ... more than 70 drivers have worn our colors winning several national and European titles.
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Whether you are gentlemen drivers, racing drivers, beginners or experienced, we will meet your coaching needs.

Coaching on our days

Coaching on the days>

During our days, qualified instructors BPJEPS or DEJEPS, are present to put you in safety by giving you basic advice and corrections to support you in your progress.
However, to go a little further, we advise you to book an instructor for personalized coaching, the best way to progress and also to limit the wear of consumables (tires, brakes).

Taking an instructor by your side will allow you to learn how to save them because you will thus be able to avoid certain errors, especially when discovering a circuit.

When registering, do not hesitate to book a coach through the different options available:

2h, half a day or a day.

On trackdays, you will find a majority of road sports cars (porsche GT3, ferrari, M3, M4, Lamborghini, ariel atom ... and some racing cars.

These are classic "club days".

Not timed.
Qualified instructors will be present and you kindly advise to bring you Steering bases.
If you want to go further in
coaching, it is possible to book an instructor for 2 hours, half a day, or a day when you register.

Open running, no series and unlimited access to the track.

Registration for a trackdays includes bodily liability insurance for all participants.

Few cars on these days for a smooth ride.

Road sports cars and competition cars

Testdays are reserved for racing cars.
LMP3, Protos CN, branded cutting vehicles (Porsche Cup, Clio Cup ...), Lamera; Funyo, Radical, Fun Cup, GT4, GT3 ....

We can offer you active racing drivers (Jérémy Sarhy or others) to spit you on a Testdays, or even during a competition.

Contact us for this: polepassion@gmail.com

Registration for a Testdays includes bodily liability insurance for all participants.

Few cars on these days for a smooth ride.


One of the essential activities of Pole Passion.

We organize private test sessions by invitation with a very limited number of cars.
Private days for owners concerned about confidentiality and looking for quality supervision.
Some clubs also entrust us with the management of their different annual outings.

We also offer the provision of a vehicle tray for events, perfect for company committee days , thanks from employees ...!

All these events are supervised by monitors speaking several languages (German, English, Italian, etc.) according to your needs.

Private test sessions and club days on demand

The road tests are only for cars

FR2000, F3, GP3, GP2 .... or old F1.
These runs are not timed, except on special requests.

The number of vehicles varies, 15, 20, 25 maximum depending on the needs of the drivers.

They are mostly open runs, no series, for working comfort.

Do not hesitate to contact us according to your needs, we will try to respond by adding new runs on the requested circuits.







For more than 15 years, Pole passion has been organizing track runs. From classic GT trackdays , we gradually evolved into racing car practice sessions. To become a major player for different européen.Que championship you own a sporting drive, a car or a race car, we will offer you a solution to exploit the potential of your auto.

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